Jual Anemometer PCE-FWS 20 Weather Station Hub 081288802734

Jakarta 17 Oktober 2018


Rp 7.850.000

Tangggal iklan:

Kota: jakarta

Merk: pce

Tipe: fws 20

Kondisi: Baru


Nama: Heri

Terdaftar sejak: 5 Desember 2016

Status: Heri

No Telpon: 021 -XXXX-XXXX

No Handphone: 0878-XXXX-XXXX

FWS 20 Weather Station Anemometer PCE Indoor temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit Outdoor temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit Indoor relative humidity Outdoor relative humidity Atmospheric pressure is shown in inHG or hPa Relative Absolute humidity selection Rainfall is shown in mm or inch Rainfall indication for 1 hour 24 hours 1 week 1 month or from the last reset. Selection of wind speed in mph km h m s knots or Beaufort Indication of wind direction Wind Chill temperature indicator Dew point indication Weather forecast Weather forecast trend Storm warning Indication of meteorological values. Programmable alarm functions for different meteorological values. It can store maximum and minimum values LED with backlight displayvhv Radio clock Indication in 12 or 24 hours Calendar Set up of Time slot Energy saving function It can be placed on the wall or vertically Permanent adjustment of meteorological values and clock by means of a radio.

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