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TOKO MARGA SETIA SURVEYBerdagang alat- alat Kelautan, Alat Selam, Perahu Karet,Alat Keselamatan,GPS Garmin, GPS Magellan, Alat Survey, Alat Ukur dan Aksesoris Alat Ukur.Current Meter.Anemometer ,Anemometer Wireless,Weather stationUntuk keterangan, nego harga dan informasi produk lainnya, hubungi :Name       : tatang surveyAlamat      : Jl .H.Kelik No.20 RT.03 / RW.08 Kelapa Dua Kebon Jeruk Jakarta BaratEmail        : tatangms409@gmail.com Telp          : 082124100046
WhatsApp  :082124100046FEATURE:

  • Handy integrated unit, compact and rugged, well sealed for waterproof and dustproof
  • Wireless remote control, convenient for smart operation
  • Auto switchable double battery for power supply up to 16 working hours
  • High compactability, capable of working with other brands or even dual-frequency receiver for survey and processing 
  • Intelligent and manual operation optional, setting free in intelligent mode for entire process
  • collection status shown by indicating light in low temperature environment when LCD screen is not readable
  • Reliable FFS (Fast File System) for easy storage and transfer
  • Identifiable as a USB device via computer connection
  • Power-off memory up to 10 years

SPESIFICATIONStatic Surveying (Model:H66) 

  • H66 static GPS receiver features largely in simple setup, easy operation and high performance for control survey over long distances. For example, the remote control unit allows you cable-free operation; mode settings and status display are readable from the color LCD screen; the one-key operation brings you easy but intelligent work; when the LCD shows nothing in freezing environment, the indication LEDs help you to understand the status of the data collection via blinks.
Post-differential Surveying (Model: H68)
  • Apart from the basic static survey, the additional tracking function of H68 receiver provides you a variety of applications for Stop & Go work at centimeter level. 
Application Range:
  • Land resources investigation
  • Agriculture investigation
  • Pipeline, rail, road survey
  • Forestry resources investigation
  • Petroleum and mining survey
  • Topographic and control survey
  • Navigation positioning 
  • Deformation monitoring
Standard Configuration:
  • Receiver                           
  • Remote control             
  • Soft case                       
  • Rechargeable battery    
  • Battery charger              
  • Tribrach & adapter        
  • Communication cable 
  • Measuring tape            
  • Adapter connector

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