Pusat Repeater Antena Gsm Indor Penguasinyal Hp Modem Alloperator

Jakarta 8 Juni 2019


Rp 4.000.000

Tangggal iklan:

Kota: jakarta

Merk: calltech

Tipe: gw1500

Kondisi: Baru


Ardy gsm

Nama: Ardy gsm

Terdaftar sejak: 26 April 2017

Status: Ardy gsm

No Telpon: 0852-XXXX-XXXX

No Handphone: 0852-XXXX-XXXX

How Booster/Repeater Works?

Repeaters are designed to fulfill the idea of one and main principle: to fill the areas with the weak or bad signal and to amplify these low signals in order to provide you with the communication suitable for you.

Reasons to Purchase Cell Phone Repeater.

1) The Signal Repeater provides the well-organized service that’s why after installation of the system the quality of the connection will be really great.

2) Signal Repeater require no additional wires being attached to your cell phone thus allowing you to use your cell phone without any extra troublesome accessories, in other worlds, no physical connection to your cell phone.

3) They are practical, beautiful and easy to install. You will not need to hire anybody to provide the installation of the equipment. You’ll be able to install it by yourself using only the manual list attached to your repeater.

4) The system can be used by multiple phones. All phones that are under the coverage and are suitable for the frequency of your repeater can use the amplified signals.

5) Signal Repeater is able to cover different coverage: from small to large. In this case you can decide which of our repeater is suitable for your office or supermarket.

6) Repeater works at full duplex. It means that they not only receive the weak signal from the mobile base station and then divert to mobile phone after amplifier. They also receive the signal from your mobile phone and then send it to the mobile base station.

7) Our equipment is completely safe. Mobile repeaters don’t produce any radiation.


Hp : 085224873514

line / whassap .085224873514

Id telegram :@penguatsinyal

Email :ardygsm@yahoo.co.id / ardygsm1@yahoo.co.id/sales@penguatsinyal.net


Hp : 083 148 261 072  

line / whassap . 083 148 261 072 

Email : rizkysinyal@yahoo.com

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