Qrotech 401

Tangerang 21 September 2019


Rp 31.000.000

Tangggal iklan:

Kota: tangerang

Merk: qrotech

Tipe: 401

Kondisi: Baru


Terdaftar sejak: 16 November 2016

Status: wahyu febriawanto

No Telpon: 0813-XXXX-XXXX

No Handphone: 0878-XXXX-XXXX

Gas Analyzer QROTECH 401
100% barang baru dan original Qrotech

Product Characteristics
01. 5Gas (NOX added) Analyzer
02. Durable Performance that has passed a severe
cold test at -10 
03. Automatic Temperature Adjustment (2~8 min)
04. Pause Option Available
05. 6 LED Display Windows
(CO, HC, CO2, O2, ,AFR/ NOX), and a Built-In Printer
06. Name and Phone Number Memory Option
07. Time and Date Display Option when using printer
08. RS232 PC Program (optional)
09. Suitable for professional engine tune-ups

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