Jual digital piano yamaha NPV 60 harga miring promo 2013 Rp 4.400.000 only garansi resmi 1 th!

jakarta 6 Maret 2013


Rp 4.400.000

Tangggal iklan:

Kota: jakarta

Kondisi: Baru



Nama: yohan

Terdaftar sejak: 18 April 2012

Status: yohan

Kaskus ID: mod8yohander

No Handphone: 0818-XXXX-XXXX

Jual digital piano yamaha NPV 60 harga miring promo 2013 Rp 4.400.000 only garansi resmi 1 th!

melayani pembelian secara Cash, Transfer, Debit, Credit Card.

HUB. YOHAN 0818801520 / 33984385 / 4521719

HENDRA HP: 0898 898 1231

Office: (021) 4585 1012

Kami menjual berbagai model dan merk alat musik, keyboard, speaker, sound system, pro audio, paket meeting, paket outdoor dan indoor, lightning system, dan aksesoris dengan harga miring dan grosir!

website : www.nafirimusic.com or www.indonetwork.co.id/nafirimusic

Kunjungi Showroom Kami :

1. NAFIRI MUSIC (Jl. Bellyra Raya Blok K No. 6 Dekat Mal Kelapa Gading jakarta Utara)

2. PRIMANADA Music-Audio-Sound System (Ruko Inkopal Blok A/3 Gedung JNE lantai 2 Jl. Boulevard barat Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara)

Graded Soft Touch keyboard for a more piano-like response

The bass keys are heavier in touch than the treble keys - just as on a traditional piano - but still with the soft touch of a digital keyboard suitable for beginners.

Be your own orchestra!

See the world of music in a whole new light with Piaggero' s huge array of high quality orchestral and electronic instrument sounds. Brass , strings, woodwind, synthesiser, organ, piano - it' s all here for you to enjoy.

Play with your own backing band! !

Piaggero' s style section provides a complete backing band controlled by your left-hand chords. Bass, drums, guitars, brass, pianos - all automatically orchestrated to enhance your favourite melodies - or to add a glittering touch of polish to your original compositions.

Fun technology helps you learn to play.... in a musical way

A variety of unique Yamaha features enables Piaggero to assist even the novice player. The lesson system will teach left and right hand separately - and even wait for you to play the correct notes as indicated in the LCD - whilst Performance Assistant adds a new dimension of educational fun.

Portable Grand & Digital Piano :

Yamaha NP30 RP 3,8 JT

Yamaha NPV 60 RP 4,4 JT (USB To Host)

Yamaha NPV 80 RP 4,8 JT (USB To Device)

Yamaha DGX 230 RP 4,7 JT (USB To Host)

Yamaha YPG 235 RP 4,8 JT (USB To Host)

Yamaha DGX 530 RP 7,1 JT (Plus kaki + sustain + USB To Device)

Yamaha DGX 640 RP 8,8 JT (Plus kaki + sustain + USB To Device)

Yamaha YDP 135R RP 6,4 JT

Yamaha YDP 141 RP 6,9 JT

Yamaha YDP 161 RP 9,5 JT

Yamaha YDP V240 RP 12,8 JT (USB To Device)

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