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  • Infinity 2

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 674.29 KB
    • Dimainkan: 81 kali
    Lost behind enemy lines in the infinite depths of space, warding off waves of drones, warlords and the witchdoctor, you must fight to survive. Collect health orbs to retain structural integrity and ...
  • StarDust

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 9.22 MB
    • Dimainkan: 87 kali
    Alien ships have invaded into the Solar System. Protect your sector of the space. Upgrade your ship and become a terror for the invaders.
  • Nasty Sniper

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 10.84 MB
    • Dimainkan: 97 kali
    As a vicious sharpshooter you are called to eliminate your assigned targets. Read the mission briefings accurately and take out your victims all around the world quick and clear.
  • Death Call

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 15.93 MB
    • Dimainkan: 158 kali
    You're the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the Wild West. Do you have the skill to face down bandits, assassins, and mechanical monstrosities? Play as Jedediah Wolfe, a Federal Marshall on a mission ...
  • Decision 2: New City

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 12.67 MB
    • Dimainkan: 105 kali
    Take under control another city full of evil creatures.
  • Gornax

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 3.12 MB
    • Dimainkan: 113 kali
    Avoid death and humiliation in front of millions by defeating Gornax, the big giant crab. This game is not approved by any Marine Life Protection Association.
  • Decay of Men

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 8.85 MB
    • Dimainkan: 115 kali
    After years of chaos and global corruption the world has now become a perilous place. Food is scarce and everyone must fight for their survival. As for you, your adventure starts where it all ended. ...
  • Central Alien Agency

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 6.80 MB
    • Dimainkan: 139 kali
    You must prevent galactic conflict.
  • The Terraspheres

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 3.45 MB
    • Dimainkan: 114 kali
    Stealth-action shooter game with radial gravity The game is given the choice of tactics for each level - you can pass the level quietly, without raising an alarm, or to arrange a real slaughter, ...
  • The Most Wanted Bandito 2

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 5.00 MB
    • Dimainkan: 105 kali
    Bandito is back! Accompanied with friends on a mission to protect what's his. Pick your most wanted bandito and unleash anarchy with his skills of shooting and horse riding, combined into a lethal ...
  • Alien Attack Team

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 8.57 MB
    • Dimainkan: 107 kali
    Join up with the rest of your team to destroy the alien forces that have attacked earth! Personalize your character and upgrade your wide array of weaponry with add ons including Laser Sight, and a ...
  • Meteor

    • Kategori: Shooting
    • Ukuran: 560.29 KB
    • Dimainkan: 85 kali
    Take out the meteors before they devastate the entire city! They're coming in from all angles, so you better be quick. Just click on the meteor to destroy it.


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